Hans Christian Andersen was one of the founding fathers of the art of writing fairy tales.
Even though he wrote a wide range of different works, including
poems, novels, plays and travelogues, it was his fairy tales that became
iconic and famous for centuries.

They transcend nationality and age, they have been translated into most languages and they
continue to inspire plays, movies and ballets even today.
Early Years
Hans Christian Andersen, grew up only with his Mom, as his father died when he was a child.
He wanted to go to Copenhagen, as his greatest dream was to get into
The Royal Theater to work as an actor.

In the year 1819, at the age of 14, he went to Copenhagen.
He made attempts both as an actor and a singer but he was no good.
The Fairy Tales
In April 1837, Hans Christian Andersen published his first fairy tale book
containing The Brave Tin Soldier,
Little Claus And Big Claus, and The Princess And The Pea.

In a letter to a friend he wrote about the release, that he was only retelling fairy tales
that he had heard as a child, when his family had been harvesting in the fields.
The book was called Fairy Tales For Children and that is exactly the essence
of Hans Christian Andersen's success as a writer and a storyteller.
His mother had once been a fortune teller and
she had predicted that her son would become
widely known even world famous, and that
the inhabitants of Odense would honor
him with a torchlight parade.

In the year 2005 this vision was fulfilled when
the entire world was celebrating his 200th
anniversary. His life and work with poetry
indeed became a fairy tale itself.
The ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan!
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