About iDrawTales
iDrawTales are unique fairy tales that combine hand drawn graphics and
vivid stories in a beautiful and contemporary format,
that both children and adults will love.
iDrawTales adventures are brought to life in images and
sounds by the most talented artists. A true love for the
art and craft of drawing serves as the basis of the series.
This is clearly seen and felt as the drawings reveal
themselves, stroke for stroke. Sound and vision
unite in a breathtaking and enriching way to
become colorful interpretations of
Hans Christian Andersen’s wonderful stories.
iDrawTales give parents and
children the opportunity to experience these
beloved adventures through films, interactive
apps and games.In the iDrawTales app,
these great stories become tangible.
Explore, touch, learn and color your
favourite fairy tales with your loved ones.
iDrawTales bring new life to some of the most well-known and adored tales
throughout the world. New interpretations with respect for the original
versions of adventures such as The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling,
The Tin Soldier, Jack the Dullard, The Emperor's New Clothes and many others.
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